Gain Clarity, Energy and Space to do more of what you love and live the Lifestyle you dream of!

Working with me, will be unique to you!

Let’s decipher your next best steps, what to outsource & to whom, those tasks that are consuming & getting in the way of you being able to truly live a Conscious, Soul Driven Lifestyle that is in Alignment with who you are today and the success of your Business and/or Career too.

C O N N E C T I O N  &  D I S C O V E R Y

Let’s connect, have a chat, see if we align and discover what’s meant to be. 

Intuition, Connection, Energy and Alignment is what I work with.  I love holding space for people supporting them intuitively and strategically to assess whether we are a good fit and how we will work together.

This is an introductory FREE call via zoom if you are seeking support for yourself, your business, personally and/or professionally. Perhaps you’re not sure what you need but you’ve trusted the call to reach out and connect to see where that leads.  I know how it goes and it’s how I live my life too. Some of the greatest connections I’ve made to date have been through trusting that call within. Energy never lies!

I take an intuitive approach to my work and with my clients from the moment we connect. This call is an opportunity for us to connect, get to know one another and formulate what comes next.


With 20+ years as a Personal/Executive Assistant & Office Administrator to top level Executives and Management in the non-virtual space I have the skills & experience to organise, prioritise & action administrative matters professionally and personally for individuals and businesses of different size & cultures.

I am a closet creative, I love words and channelling language, content editing, proofing, formatting and anything that supports others to convey their message and purposely achieve their objective.  With my experience and skills, together with my intuitive abilities, there really is so much I can do for you!

Flexibility, lifestyle solutions, serving you and your needs are my priority.  From a remote location, I offer hourly rates or ongoing service packages that are unique to you and tailored to the specific needs of you and/or your business.

M E N T O R I N G  &  S U P P O R T

Social Media Mentoring – Social Media requires insight, knowledge, understanding and strategy.  I work with you to help YOU discover and create an approach to social media that aligns with you, your values and your business too.  

Administrative Mentoring – I hold space for you to share all your pressures, stress and together we work through all of the administrative tasks that take up too much of your time.  We look at who you have outsourced to (if you have already) and if you haven’t we prioritise and streamline the admin function within your business and co create a strategy to get you the business support you need moving forward.

Personal Mentoring – Insight & Guidance into YOU as a whole person.  Think of everything in your life that contributes to who you are, how you live your life and how you feel on a daily basis.  Through holding space for you to just BE yourself, talk through business, family, lifestyle, everything and everyone in your life, we unpack and clear space to promote self discovery and growth and we work together to create how it is you want to feel, implement tools, techniques, outsource where applicable to support you to living and experiencing your best life as your whole, true self.

VA Mentoring – Are you an EA, PA, Admin Assistant, maintained a career in an admin or marketing capacity for many years but you want more?  More stimulation! More Passion! More Autonomy! More Independence!  Put your Family First! Through VA Mentoring I will hold space, answer any questions you may have and provide the space for you to openly discuss your interest and curiosity into the life of a Virtual Assistant and how you too can establish the freedom and lifestyle you dream of!

L E T’ S  C O – C R E A T E


Running a business can be lonely, it can be costly and sometimes what you need is someone who can be there, hold space, listen to your ideas, your wins, your losses, where you are at, provide fresh perspective, guidance and support around your next best steps to help you stay on track and aligned with what it is you love and do best.

Growth starts from within! Personal Growth, Professional Growth and the same goes for the growth of your Business too!

Through mentoring and business support where applicable, we create the space you are looking for to gain clarity, share insights, and together we co create inspiration and support you perhaps don’t even recognise you are needing until you receive it that will contribute to your journey as a whole person across all areas of your life. including your business too.

Let’s look at and delve into YOU, the roles YOU choose take on and where your energy goes every day, how you show up, what you do best, what you do and don’t like and together we unpack and discover what steps can be taken to lighten the load, create more ease and flow within YOU and your business too.  

Mentoring sessions and packages tailored to the needs of  you and  your business.  Reach out to find out more and how this could look, work and feel for you.