T H E  P R O F E S S I O N A L

Prior to embarking on my journey into Motherhood, I maintained AND thoroughly enjoyed a career as an Executive Assistant & Office Administrator to top level Executives and Management of various organisations in the non-virtual space for 20+ years.

Throughout my career as a PA/EA I carried with me this innate knowing that when I became a Mother one day I would not return to the corporate world and someday, not knowing in what capacity, I would be working for myself.  When I left Sydney for the final time at the start of 2017, my self employment journey was underway and has been the most profound life changing journey since that time getting to know who I am all over again, discovering and reconnecting with my soul, connecting with so many new people and businesses, getting to know small business, the ins and outs, showing up as my true self in a professional yet relaxed capacity that I feel called to deliver! All of this occurring with one key question in the forefront of my being that I have tapped into along the way and still do today….

Are the choices I am making each and every day in alignment with the lifestyle that I want to be living?

Of which I am so very proud to say that I am consciously living the lifestyle I’ve dreamed of for many years now and I love to help others feel and live this way too.

T H E  P E R S O N A L

I am an intuitive, empathic, highly sensitive, curious and inquisitive, spiritual soul, Lover of Crystals, Tarot, Candles, Plants, The Beach & Travel! 
I am Mother to twin girls, Ollie and Kenzie, Partner to Kurt & live with my family of 4 on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia!
The Ocean & Sand stole a piece of my heart at a very young age & I’ve always known that I would be living life with my family near the beach one day.  Whilst I never thought this would be away from Sydney, the move North has been the best thing we ever did!
I grew up in the North West of Sydney, Australia. I’ve travelled the world & lived for periods on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the NSW Snowfields, North Queensland and Overseas in London, UK.
Growth and Learning is something I feel very passionate about and continue to embrace in my daily life. Both professionally and personally! I love to meet new people and believe that every person we meet, cross paths and connect with is our teacher in some way shape or form. I am ALWAYS looking for the lessons in every situation and person that comes my way!
I am extremely passionate about and cherish soulful connections made with people through life. It is through some of the toughest times of my life, healing, self discovery and reconnection with my own soul that has taught me more than ever to be guided by my intuition through every meeting and opportunity that comes my way.