Starting Up, Managing, let alone Growing a Business takes a lot of Time, Effort, Energy and Attention.

On top of that, Family, Health, Wellbeing, Lifestyle & Careers too.

It all intertwines and how you move through the growth and the changes that arrive, starts ‘within’ you.

Do you want to Live a Lifestyle with more ease, flow and in alignment with your Heart and Soul?

My name is Sarah, I am The Lifestyle VA!

Living on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, choosing to consciously live & create a Lifestyle I want to live, that is in alignment with my Heart & Soul & with the people I love is how The Lifestyle VA came about. 

I want to help you do the same!

Create more space ‘within’ you, your lifestyle,  business and/or career through Online Mentoring, Strategising & Outsourcing Projects, Tasks & Administration.

I am here to Support and Empower you!

Through my own Spirituality, Passion & Commitment toward Personal Growth, Healing and Evolution, I work with Soulful, Spiritual, Holistic Individuals who are starting out on their conscious journey or who are looking to evolve and navigate life in a new way.

Alignment with my Clients is imperative to me.  I am not simply a Task Master!  This is proudly one of my unique points of difference. 

I show up authentically and Intuitively through Soul Connection, Energy, Openness, Honesty, Shared Experiences & Inspiration. 

As your VA and/or Mentor, we co-create a way forward together!