Think of me as your Business Partner without the strings attached, your confidant, your right hand, your wing woman, I will provide insight, guidance & support into your journey as a whole person.

I help Entrepreneurs achieve Clarity and Space to pursue their Passion & fulfil their Purpose through Mentoring, Prioritising, Streamlining and Executing Business Administration.

Through sharing of our unique experiences, insights, knowledge, skills and gifts, we will co create and pave a new pathway so you can thrive doing what you love and do best!


My name is Sarah, I am The Lifestyle VA!

Living on the Central Coast of NSW, as your Virtual Assistant, I am here to help you live a more Conscious, Soul driven Lifestyle.

Choosing to consciously live & create a Lifestyle I want to live, that is in alignment with my Soul Calling, Passion, Purpose & with the people I love is how The Lifestyle VA came about. 

 I want to help you do the same!

 Connecting with like minded Entrepreneurs who are pursuing their Passion, we work together, Inspire and co create the support and lifestyle you desire to fulfil your purpose.

“Sarah has amazing energy and I love meeting with her! She makes the more technical side of small business ownership fun. 

She is great at what she does and if she doesn’t know how to do it, she learns. She is amazing! I highly recommend her as a VA”

Wilde Collaborative