Starting Up, Managing, let alone Growing a Business takes a lot of Time, Effort, Energy and Attention.

How you move through the growth and the changes that arrive as your business evolves all starts ‘within’ you.

Do you want to Live a Lifestyle that is in Alignment with your Soul, Passion and Purpose?

My name is Sarah, I am The Lifestyle VA!

Living on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, choosing to consciously live & create a Lifestyle I want to live, that is in alignment with my Passion & with the people I love is how The Lifestyle VA came about. 

I want to help you do the same!

Create more space ‘within you’ and your business through Online Mentoring, Prioritising and Outsourcing Business and/or Lifestyle Projects and Administration.

I am here to Support and Empower you!

Through my own Spirituality, Passion & Commitment toward Personal Growth, Healing and Evolution, I work with Soulful, Spiritual, Holistic Like Minded Entrepreneurs and Individuals who are on a Conscious Soul Driven journey themselves and who are manifesting and working towards their dream Lifestyle and Business too.

Alignment with my Clients is imperative to me!  I am not simply a Task Master!  This is proudly my unique point of difference. 

I operate Intuitively through Soul Connection, Energy, Openness, Honesty, Shared Experiences & Inspiration. 

As your VA and/or Online Business Mentor, we co-create a way forward together.

“Sarah has amazing energy and I love meeting with her! She makes the more technical side of small business ownership fun. 

She is great at what she does and if she doesn’t know how to do it, she learns. She is amazing! I highly recommend her as a VA”

Wilde Collaborative